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Maybe you are already aware, but in case you aren't, the JavaScript Professionals Directory was just launched.

It is similar to the PHP professionals directory in PHPClasses site, except that it is dedicated to list JavaScript professionals available for hiring.

Developers that sign-up there may get JavaScript job offers of their interest. It is a free service. Companies looking for JavaScript developers may also post JavaScript job offers for free. There are already a few jobs posted there.

This is an small notice telling more about what is this initiative.

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More jobs for PHP and JavaScript developers

It is all free

Newly added PHP professional skills

Help spreading the news

More jobs for PHP and JavaScript developers

One of the most useful features of the PHPClasses site for PHP professionals is the PHP jobs board. There you may find plenty of PHP jobs being posted regularly.

If you are looking for PHP jobs, the site can send you new job e-mail alert messages when a job that matches your profile is posted. All you need to do is to sign up in the PHP professionals section of the PHPClasses site.

As you may be aware, the JSClasses site is the brother site of PHPClasses dedicated to publish JavaScript components.

The JSClasses and PHPClasses sites share the same code base, therefore they provide the same features.

Despite the JSClasses site was launched last year, its professionals and jobs sections were not yet opened.

The JavaScript professionals directory was finally launched last week. It is very much like the PHP professionals directory in the PHPClasses site, except that it lets you tell about your JavaScript specific skills. Businesses interested for professionals with your skills may contact and eventually hire you.

It is all free

Another difference is that, for now, posting your JavaScript professional profile is totally free. In the PHP Professionals directory, developers that are premium subscribers of the PHPClasses site have privileged exposure. In the JavaScript Professionals directory anybody can have any of your contact details that you want to provide without paying anything.

Along with the JavaScript professionals directory, the JavaScript jobs board was also launched. It is also similar to the PHP jobs board in the PHPClasses site. Again, the main difference is that posting JavaScript jobs is also free for now.

In the future, posting your JavaScript professional profile and posting JavaScript jobs may not be entirely free services. Still, it may be a long while until it becomes a paid service, so don't worry. Even when it becomes a paid service, it will be like the PHPClasses site, i.e. the premium users have early access to the non-urgent jobs. Non-paying developers still have access to the posted jobs, just later.

For now it is all free in the JavaScript site to stimulate the growth of the JavaScript professionals directory. The more developers sign-up there, the more companies may become interested to post their jobs there. The more jobs are posted, more developers will sign-up.

There are already quite a few JavaScript professionals listed there. There are also a few JavaScript jobs posted as well. You can apply to those jobs immediately for free. Some of the jobs also require PHP skills. So, please go ahead, sign-up there and help growing this promising JavaScript resource.

Newly added PHP professional skills

The PHP professionals directory listing was also updated. Specifically there are new skills added the professional profiles to address frequent needs of many PHP jobs.

If you are already listed in the PHP professionals directory and have experience in any of the new skills, please update your profile skills now so you can apply to jobs that require any of the newly added skills.

Here follows the list of new skills split by category:


- SQLite

- CouchDB

- MongoDB

JavaScript (frameworks)

- jQuery

- Node.js

- Ext-JS/Sencha

- Dojo Toolkit



- Magento

Version Control


- SubVersion

- Git

- Mercurial

Help spreading the news

I also would like to ask you to help spreading these news. You can do that by for instance sending a message in Twitter, Facebook, your user group mailing list, write a blog post about it, etc..

It would be great if you could direct other developers interested to join to the launch post in the JSClasses site blog. There you can read more about the details of this initiative.

You may also want to tip about the Lately in JavaScript podcast of the JSClasses site. On the latest episode (not yet published) we have talked extensively about the details of these initiatives.

Thank you in advance for help spreading the news.

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