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Generate classes to access MySQL as objects
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A useful utility for the Object Relation Mapping of MySQL databases

The utility generates automatically PHP classes for any tables of a given database schema.

Package is extracted from my personal PHP Web MVC Framework.

To generate PHP classes with the purpose of mapping database tables you need to:

1) IMPORTANT! Use lowercase with the underscore, which is the widely used MySQL naming notation, on your database tables and fields names.

2) Configure your database schema by modifying util\mysqlreflection\mysqlreflection.config.php file and, assigning appropriate values to DBHOST, DBNAME, DBUSER, DBPASSWORD, and DBPORT PHP constants, according to your MySQL settings.

3) Then, launch the tool by typing: http/localhost/util/app_create_beans.php

Note that, the GUI of the utility uses Bootstrap and jQuery from CDN. So you also need an internet connection alive before running it.   

4) Once the utility is started, click "_Generate classes_" button.

After running the utility you will find all generated classes into "beans" folder.


  • Auto generated classes are prefixed with "Bean".
  • Each auto generated class uses bean\bean.config.php for configuration info.
  • Each auto generated class uses Model.php and MySqlRecord.php

An auto generated MySQL class provides the following services:

  • A constructor for managing a fetched table?s row or for a adding a new one
  • Management for both single or composite Primary Keys
  • Automatic mapping of the different date formats may occurs between application and database
  • Destructor to automatically close database connection
  • Defines a set of attributes corresponding to the table fields
  • Setter and Getter methods for each attribute
  • OO methods for simplify DML select, insert, update and delete operations
  • A facility for quickly updating a previously fetched row
  • Useful methods to obtain table DDL and the last executed SQL statement
  • Error handling of SQL statements
  • Camel/Pascal case naming convention for Attributes/Class used for mapping Fields/Table
  • Useful PHPDOC information about table, fields and the usage of class, attributes and methods.

Developers can quickly use these classes on their application.

Into the beans directory are located some auto generated classes of a MySQL schema.

DDL for MySQL schema is into a script file located into "sql" directory.

There is also a simple tester script "app_run_bean.php" for showing usage of a generated class.

Utility GUI

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UML Class Model

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Convert MySQL into PHP Classes automatically - Video Tutorial (old user interface)



Many and many thanks to for granting me an open source license of magic PHPStorm

that I used in the development of MySQLReflection.