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Div PHP Ways 2.4.0

A "way" is different to a "route". We need a path for found a specific resource, but we need a way for do something. This library follow this concept when implements the routing and control of PHP application.

Ways is a class that adapts the concept of SOA to the architecture of a PHP application, and tries to integrate the parts of a hybrid system.

With Ways you should think more about "control points" than on controllers of an MVC pattern. Control points are activated when they are needed, ie on demand, depending on the definition you have made.


ways::listen('sql://...', function($data, $args){
	ways::listen('sql://query', function($data){
	  $pdo = new PDO();
	  $st = $pdo->prepare($data['query']);
	  $data['result'] = $st->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
	  return $data;

ways::invoke('sql://query', [
    'query' => 'SELECT * FROM cats WHERE name = ?',
    'params' => ['Tom']

On other platforms it is common to define all routes to the drivers in the same file and once. In Ways this is not an obligation. You can have an initial control point and depending on the URI invoked go to another control point X where routes are defined, so that the path is formed on demand, thus improving performance of its application. The structure of a URI may suggest that Ways allows a hierarchical structure of control points, but it does not, it can create a whole graph structure.

A first URI is invoked, from HTTP or CLI. But inside your code you can invoke any URIs

div ways MVC

In addition to this, a control point may require the previous execution of another control point. You can also implement events or hooks, so you can execute one control point before or after another, without the latter knowing the existence of the first. These flexibilities are valid for example in a plugins architecture.

The control points can interact, and this means, redirect the flow to another, call control points directly, exchange data and url arguments, handle the output on screen, etc.

In addition, you can establish rules for the execution of control points.


ways::rule('is-monday', function(){
    return date('D') === 'Mon';

ways::listen('*', function (){
    echo 'Today is Monday !!!';
}, [ways::PROPERTY_RULES => ['is-monday']]);

Ways is not only intended for the web but also for command line applications. Ways is implemented in a single class, in a single file. This allows quick start-up and easy adaptation with other platforms.



With composer...

composer require divengine/ways

Without composer, download the class and...

include "path/to/divengine/ways.php";

Basic usage


// arbitrary location for software's packages
define('PACKAGES', 'path/to/app/');

use divengine\ways;

// ways with closure
ways::listen("get://home", function($data){
	echo "Hello {$data['user']}";
}, "home");

// add a hook
ways::hook(DIV_WAYS_BEFORE_RUN, "home", function($data){
	$data['user'] = "Peter";

// listen... 
$data = ways::bootstrap('_url', 'home');

Call a static method



#id = home
#listen = /home

class Home {
	static function Run()
	    echo "Hello world";
	static function About()
		echo "About us";
	#listen@Contact = get://about
	static function Contact()
		echo "Contact us";



// register a controller with the default static method ::Run()

// route to another static method ([controllerID]@[method])
ways::listen("/about", "home@About");

// route to closure
ways::listen("/sayMeHello/{name}", function($data, $args) {
	echo "Hello {$args['name']}";	

// hook on the fly
	ways::listen("/tests/...", function(){
		ways::listen("/tests/1", function(){
			echo "This is the test 1";
		ways::listen("/tests/2", function(){
			echo "This is the test 2";
		if (ways::match("/tests/3")) {
			echo "This is the test 3";
		if (!isset($_SESSION['user']))
			echo "You are not a tester";
			return false;
		return true;

// route to a static method
ways::bootstrap("_url", "home");


RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^((?s).*)$ index.php?_url=/$1 [QSA,L]

CLI app


// say me hello
// $ php one_script.php hello Peter
ways::listen("/hello/{name}", function ($data = [], $args = []) {
	echo "Hello {$args['name']}\n";

Get controller properties


$property = "This is a property value";

ways::listen("/", function ($data = [], $args = [], $properties = []) {
	echo "Controller ID = " . $properties['id'] . "\n";
	echo "A controller property = " . $properties['myProperty'];

}, [
	'myProperty' => $property,




Eng. Rafa Rodriguez