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Class: Multiple Currency Laravel Service
Manage product prices in multiple currencies
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[RaggiTech] Laravel >= 6.0 - Currency.

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Laravel Currency provides a quick and easy methods with 150+ Currency.


// Create/Update Currency
$product->setCurrency(15.59, 'USD');

// Retrieve Currency's Value
echo $product->currency('USD'); 			// 15.59
echo $product->currencyWithSymbol('USD'); 	// $15.59
echo $product->currencyWithCode('USD'); 	// 15.59 USD


Install the latest version using Composer:

$ composer require raggitech/laravel-currency

then publish the migration & config files

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-currency
$ php artisan migrate


<a name="config"></a>


Default Currency & Only List

use RaggiTech\Laravel\Currency\Currency;

Currency::setDefault('USD'); // Setting USD as a default currency.
Currency::setOnly(['USD', 'EGP']); // Allow using only USD, EGP.

<a name="list"></a>

Currencies List

$list = currenciesList();
*	"USD" => "US Dollar"
* 	"CAD" => "Canadian Dollar"
* 	"EUR" => "Euro"
* 	"AED" => "United Arab Emirates Dirham"
* 	...

<a name="cu"></a>

Create / Update Currency's Value

$product->setCurrency(15.59, 'USD');

<a name="get"></a>

Retrieve Currency's Value

// 15.59 if USD is the default currency
// NULL if there's no value for the default currency.
echo $product->currency();

echo $product->currency('USD'); 			// 15.59		|| NULL
echo $product->currencyWithSymbol('USD'); 	// $15.59		|| NULL
echo $product->currencyWithCode('USD'); 	// 15.59 USD	|| NULL

<a name="dc"></a>

Delete a single currency || Clear all model's currencies

$product->deleteCurrency('EGP'); 	// Delete EGP Currency
$product->clearCurrencies();		// Clear all currencies

<a name="relationship"></a>


$product->currencies; 	// All currencies list of a single model

<a name="scopes"></a>


// Get every element has no currency.
$p1 = Product::withoutCurrencies()->get();

// Get every element has EGP currency.
$p2 = Product::withCurrency('EGP')->get();

// Get every element has [EGP or USD or all] currency.
$p3 = Product::withAnyCurrency(['EGP', 'USD'])->get();

<a name="u"></a>


// Get User Model


MIT license