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File: test/expect/track_lines.txt

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File: test/expect/track_lines.txt
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Unit test expected results
Class: Secure HTML parser and filter
Parse and filter insecure HTML tags and CSS styles
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 13 years ago
Size: 5,192 bytes


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array(7) { ["Type"]=> string(7) "DOCTYPE" ["Root"]=> string(4) "HTML" ["Identifier"]=> string(38) "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ["Availability"]=> string(6) "PUBLIC" ["Position"]=> int(0) ["Line"]=> int(1) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(63) ["Line"]=> int(1) ["Column"]=> int(64) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(4) "html" ["Attributes"]=> array(1) { ["lang"]=> string(2) "en" } ["Position"]=> int(64) ["Line"]=> int(2) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(80) ["Line"]=> int(2) ["Column"]=> int(17) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(4) "head" ["Position"]=> int(81) ["Line"]=> int(3) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(87) ["Line"]=> int(3) ["Column"]=> int(7) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(5) "title" ["Position"]=> int(88) ["Line"]=> int(4) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(6) "Simple" ["Position"]=> int(95) ["Line"]=> int(4) ["Column"]=> int(8) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(5) "title" ["Position"]=> int(101) ["Line"]=> int(4) ["Column"]=> int(14) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(109) ["Line"]=> int(4) ["Column"]=> int(22) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(6) "script" ["Attributes"]=> array(1) { ["type"]=> string(15) "text/javascript" } ["Position"]=> int(110) ["Line"]=> int(5) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(7) "COMMENT" ["Comment"]=> string(49) " function hello() { alert('Hello world!'); } // " ["Position"]=> int(141) ["CommentPosition"]=> int(145) ["Line"]=> int(5) ["Column"]=> int(32) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(6) "script" ["Position"]=> int(197) ["Line"]=> int(10) ["Column"]=> int(7) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(206) ["Line"]=> int(10) ["Column"]=> int(16) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(5) "style" ["Attributes"]=> array(1) { ["type"]=> string(8) "text/css" } ["Position"]=> int(207) ["Line"]=> int(11) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(7) "COMMENT" ["Comment"]=> string(30) " .hello { font-weight: bold } " ["Position"]=> int(230) ["CommentPosition"]=> int(234) ["Line"]=> int(11) ["Column"]=> int(24) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(5) "style" ["Position"]=> int(267) ["Line"]=> int(13) ["Column"]=> int(4) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(275) ["Line"]=> int(13) ["Column"]=> int(12) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(4) "head" ["Position"]=> int(276) ["Line"]=> int(14) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(283) ["Line"]=> int(14) ["Column"]=> int(8) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(4) "body" ["Attributes"]=> array(1) { ["onload"]=> string(7) "hello()" } ["Position"]=> int(284) ["Line"]=> int(15) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(307) ["Line"]=> int(15) ["Column"]=> int(24) } array(6) { ["Type"]=> string(3) "TAG" ["Name"]=> string(1) "p" ["Attributes"]=> array(1) { ["class"]=> string(5) "hello" } ["Position"]=> int(308) ["Line"]=> int(16) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(12) "Hello world!" ["Position"]=> int(323) ["Line"]=> int(16) ["Column"]=> int(16) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(1) "p" ["Position"]=> int(335) ["Line"]=> int(16) ["Column"]=> int(28) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(339) ["Line"]=> int(16) ["Column"]=> int(32) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(4) "body" ["Position"]=> int(340) ["Line"]=> int(17) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(347) ["Line"]=> int(17) ["Column"]=> int(8) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(6) "ENDTAG" ["Name"]=> string(4) "html" ["Position"]=> int(348) ["Line"]=> int(18) ["Column"]=> int(1) } array(5) { ["Type"]=> string(4) "DATA" ["Data"]=> string(1) " " ["Position"]=> int(355) ["Line"]=> int(18) ["Column"]=> int(8) }