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Class: Shikiryu PHP RSS Feed Reader and Generator
Create and read RSS feed files
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disclaimer: This class is functionnal. Anyway, use it only if you don't have other choices. For example, Zend and Symfony got their own RSS factory, don't add another one in.

How to make it read RSS?

First, we need to load the RSS :

$rss = SRSS::read('');

Easy, right? Then you can extract general informations :

echo $rss->title; // will display blog title

Then, you can take care of articles. You can select a precise article :

$article1 = $rss->getItem(1); // or $rss->getFirst();

Or looping them :

foreach($rss as $article)
    echo '<a href="'.$article->link.'">'. SRSSTools::formatDate('d/m/y', $item->pubDate).' '.$item->title.'';

If you like arrays, you can transform the RSS into an array :

$rssArray = $rss->toArray();

You can also save it into your server with :

$rss->save('/www/rss/rss.xml'); // example

How to make it create RSS?

First, we need to initialize the RSS :

$rss = SRSS::create();

Easy, right? Then you can add general informations :

$rss->title = 'My Awesome Blog';
$rss->link = '';
$rss->description = 'is awesome';

Those 3 are mandatory to validate your RSS, other options can be added. Then, you can add articles. Let's imagine $content contains an array from your database.

foreach($content as $item){
    $rssitem= new SRSSItem; // we create an item
    $rssitem->title = $item["title"]; // adding title (option)
    $rssitem->link = $item['link']; // adding link (option)
    $rssitem->pubDate = $item["date"]; // date automatically transformed into RSS format (option)
    $rssitem->description = $item["text"]; // adding description (mandatory)
    $rss->addItem($rssitem); // we add the item into our RSS

There are 2 functions to add item. The first one will add items in the order you enter them, from top to bottom.


The other one does the opposite and add the next item in top of your RSS


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