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File: changelog
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Description: Class changes history timeline
Class: uFlex
Manage registrations and authenticate users
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uFlex Changelog v0.75 11/26/2011 - Revamped Demo, new look and best PHP practices - New ->login() method to initiate a login request anytime - Wrapped session_start() into smart conditions, eliminating all warnings and logging session_start() status - Replace all PHP short tags project wide - some internal code refactoring(new private ->session()) v0.61 5/18/2011 - Fixed inline Grammar thoughtout the class.uFlex.php file - Included an installable 'demo' v0.57 5/5/2011 - Fixed fields not been able to be optional v0.56 3/11/2011 - Import default profile Guess when user is logout - Add $Name to hold ucfirst() version of $name in private ->validate() - Updated ->pass_reset() to avoid manually deactivated users to reset their password - Added error [14] - Added extra level error to ->login() error [14] - Update the ->log_login() SQL query to use the global user defined users_table - Replace all the remaining static reference to the database table name in the SQL queries. v0.51 2/3/2011 - Add ->opt['user_session'] to hold a custom userData session variable - Update the reference of ->opt['cookie_path'] on ->setcookie() - Added ->opt['default_user'] to hold the default user info. It was posible before, is easier now - Auto detect an email while logging-in and use email and pass instead of username and pass - Create ::debug boolean constant to globaly enable and disable the extra data loging for devs - Merged ->check_sql and with ->check_sql_change function - Created ->errorList to hold some errors strings for easier customization v0.41 11/12/2010 - Add ->encode and ->decode functions - Add the $encoder array variable to class - Update ->uCofirm to create universal common hash - Create function to sanitize the confirmation hash ->check_hash - Update ->setCookie to use new hash - Update ->login to use new hash for cookie login - Update ->activate to use new hash - Update ->register to use the new hash - Update ->new_pass to use new hash - Update ->pass_reset to use new hash - update ->pass_reset to return an associative array with the user_id, username, email and the hash. - update ->setCookie to use JS if headers are sent - The ->uConfirm was renamed to ->make_hash - Update ->validateAll to handle the the field matching - Added option for custom users table v0.31 9/1/2010 uFlex 0.31 - Changed the Registration sample form Group Select element name from "group" to "group_id". - Eliminated a Warning that came up while registering a new user and the username was already registered. v0.30 6/16/2010 uFlex 0.30 - Optimize the Console form entries( FieldName => Error) - The field mathing now returns only the second field on error Since it is the second field that needs to match the first. - on ->register() success the new user id can imidiatly be access by ->id - By default ->has_error() looks for errors in the last method, Now it takes one optional parameter indicating the method. Ex ->has_error("login") - new ->getQuery() method - Global class optimization with the new ->getQuery() method. - updated ->pass_reset() - fix ->pass_reset() bug where the confirmation code was not stored in database. - ->new_pass() parameter and validation update - Globalized the built-in fields validations - New private ->validateAll() - Enhanced the feature to update user from database - new Session $_SESSION['userData'] and $_SESSION['uFlex']; - new opts array for global configurations - Clears erros and form on methods recall - Made ->setCookie() public method v0.22 6/01/2010 - Replaced the Object starter function (uFlex) with a PHP Object Constructor - added the sid(Session ID) variable: - Added Form error reporting when matching fields on 'register' and 'update' methods v0.20 5/16/2010 - Added the activation method to the console log - Added an md5 email hash to the end of the ativation hash - Trim All fields on registration and update methods - Fixed some grammar and spelling typos v0.15 4/15/2010 First Public Relase +Registration Method - Custome and Built-in fields validation - Extendable: add as many fields and validation as required - Built-in Redundancy check for email and username - Built-in account activation by email +Update Method to update anyfield on database - Built-in Redundancy check for email - Custome and Built-in fields validation +Automatic user session handler - Remember user with cookies - Handles sessions on new object +Class wide console - track and log Errors - Report every steps for each method - log validations, connection, SQL queries etc...