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Class: Galaxy Loader
Register class loaders based on file path rules
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Galaxy Loader v0.3 ================ This package contains loaders classes and interfaces and abstractions, which will help you implement your own loader class. There are two built-in loaders: gfLoader ------- * Registering library directories * Registering class files extensions * Creates full path changing namespace into relative file path * Manual finding and laoding clsses * Saving and loading classes maps gfLoaderExtended -------------- * Extends gfLoader, so has all it's features, excluding way it finds classes * Registering namespaces and it's paths * Creates full path checking available namespace paths Example ------ <?php require_once 'lib/gf/Loader/Exception.php'; require_once 'lib/gf/Loader/gfLoaderInterface.php'; require_once 'lib/gf/Loader/gfLoaderManualInterface.php'; require_once 'lib/gf/Loader/gfLoaderMappableInterface.php'; require_once 'lib/gf/Loader/gfLoaderAbstraction.php'; require_once 'lib/gf/Loader/gfLoader.php'; use \gf\Loader\gfLoader; use \gf\Loader\gfLoaderExtended; $Loader = new gfLoader(); $Loader->registerDirectory('lib') ->registerExtension('php') ->register(); $Extended = new gfLoaderExtended(); $Extended->registerDirectory('lib') ->registerExtension('php') ->registerNamespace('gf\\Loader', 'gf/Loader/') ->register(); In this example you can see all of the basic functionalities of _Galaxy Loader_. For more, look at comments in code. Loaders are stacked in SPL autoload handlers stack, so when you are registering a new loader, the old one is not unregistered. To unregister loader use: $Loader->unregister(); More information about every class and developing your own implementations comming soon.