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File: docs/Usage.txt
Role: Documentation
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Class: PTM
Manage PHP tasks running in parallel processes
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----------------------------------- | Task Manager Specific Functions | ----------------------------------- Add Task Manager::add_task($task,$fork) ABOUT: Adds a task to the pool DESCRIPTION: int add_task(mixed $task [, bool $fork]) PARAMETERS: task - The task to add to the pool, should be a class. fork - Option parameter, if set to true will set the class to fork Check Tasks Manager::check_tasks() ABOUT: Checks if there are any tasks in the pool DESCRIPTION: bool check_tasks() PARAMETERS: Null RETURN VALUES: bool - Returns true if there are any tasks in pool and false if not Remove Task Manager::remove_task($key) ABOUT: Removes a task from the pool based on the key DESCRIPTION: bool remove_task(int $key) PARAMETERS: key - The key argument should be the key of the task that is returned when the add_task() function is called RETURN VALUES: bool - Returns true when task is succesfully removed. Run Manager::run() ABOUT: Runs all tasks currently in the pool DESCRIPTION: bool run() PARAMETERS: Null RETURN VALUES: bool - Returns true upon succesful completion of tasks Check Fork Manager::check_fork(key) ABOUT: Checks if a task with the given key is suppose to fork DESCRIPTION: bool check_fork(int key) PARAMETERS: key - The key argument should be the key of the task that is returned when the add_task() function is called RETURN VALUES: bool - Returns true if the task is suppose to fork and false if it isn't. Count Fork Manager::count_fork() ABOUT: Counts the number of forking tasks in pool and queue DESCRIPTION: array count_fork() PARAMETERS: Null RETURN VALUES: Array - Returns the values in array with 0 being the tasks in the pool and 1 being the tasks in the queue --------------------------- | Task Specific Functions | --------------------------- Share Memory Task::share_memory($method,$arg1,$arg2) ABOUT: Interacts with the Task Manager's internal memory DESCRIPTION: mixed share_memory(string $method[, mixed $arg1, mixed $arg2]) PARAMETERS: method - This identifies the function to carry out on the internal memory. The method may be one of 5 parameters: CLEA - Cleans the memory, erases everything stored by the running task COUN - Counts the amount of data in memory ERAS - Erases all data stored in memory GET - Grabs data from memory POST - Places data into memory arg1 - This identifies the place where information was stored. This must be defined in order to use the "GET" method. When using the "POST" method this identifies the data to be stored. arg2 - This identifies the "key" of the data being grabbed. This argument may also be used to designate a specific key for the data being placed with the "POST" method. RETURN VALUES: Method Value ----------------- CLEA Bool COUN Integer ERAS Bool GET Mixed POST Mixed NOTES: PTM's internal memory is stored indefinately in a static file and any data stored will remain in memory until it is "cleaned" or "erased". ------------------ | Other Stuff | ------------------ Sleep Manager::sleep ABOUT: Sets how long the task manager should sleep in order to wait for forking tasks to finish. Set to 2 by default. USE: $manager->sleep=2; Sim Par Manager::sim_par About: Controls the number of children processes allowed to spawn at one time. Set to 5 by default. USE: $manager->sim_par=5; Verbose Manager::verbose About: Turns verbose reporting on or off (set to off by default). This enables easy debugging of tasks and the taskmanager during development. USE: $manager->verbose=true; NOTES: This will result in a large amount of output from the Manager and Worker. If TaskManager is being used in GUI applications I highly reccomend this be left OFF as it will end with unintended results. Throttle ABOUT: The task manager comes with a built-in throttle function to only allow a set number of children process to run in paralell at one time. This is turned off by default due to it currently still being in beta stage. DESCRIPTION: To enable the throttle function start the task manager with the throttle variable set to true as in the following example: $manager=new TaskManager(true);