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File: dict_files/labelled.dic

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File: dict_files/labelled.dic
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: NIL
Class: PHP Sentence Parser
Parses and analyzes words in sentences
Author: By
Last change: Update of dict_files/labelled.dic
Date: 1 month ago
Size: 3,790 bytes


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% labelled.dic % Add-on dictionary containing the -elling and -elled versions of all % words with -eling/elling and -eled/elled variable spelling, % eg labeled/labelled % Constructed from US.dic and UK.dic % Patrick W Daly 1998/03/20 duelled dueller fuelled fueller bevelled beveller cupelled cupeller develled dowelled duellers duelling duellist fuellers fuelling gavelled gaveller gruelled grueller hovelled hoveller jewelled jeweller labelled labeller lapelled levelled leveller libelled libellee libeller modelled panelled ravelled raveller rebelled revelled reveller rowelled towelled vowelled yodelled yodeller barrelled bevellers bevelling bowelling bushelled busheller cagelling cancelled canceller chiselled chiseller corbelled crenelled cudgelled cudgeller cupellers cupelling develling dowelling drivelled driveller duellings duellists enamelled enameller ferrelled funnelled gavelling gravelled grovelled groveller gruellers gruelling hanselled houselled hovellers hovelling jewellers jewellery jewelling kennelled kernelled labellers labelling labelloid laurelled levellers levellest levelling libellant libellees libellers libelling libellous marcelled marceller marvelled medelling modelling nickelled panelling panellist parcelled pommelled pummelled rappelled ravellers ravelling rebelling rebellion refuelled refueller revellent revellers revelling rowelling shovelled shoveller sidelling snivelled sniveller swivelled tasselled teaselled teaseller teazelled tinselled towelling travelled traveller trowelled troweller tunnelled tunneller weaselled yodellers yodelling apparelled barrelling bejewelled belibelled bevellings bushellers bushelling cancellers cancelling cancellous chandelled channelled channeller chisellers chiselling corbelling counselled counsellor crenellate crenelling cudgellers cudgelling drivellers drivelling embowelled empanelled enamellers enamelling enamellist ferrelling flannelled funnelling gravelling grovellers grovelling gruellings handselled hanselling hatchelled hatcheller hostelling houselling impanelled kennelling kernelling laurelling libellants marcelling marvelling marvellous nickelling panellings panellists parcelling pommelling pummelling quarrelled quarreller rappelling ravellings refuellers refuelling relabelled remodelled remodeller revellings satchelled shovellers shovelling shrivelled snivellers snivelling snorkelled spancelled swivelling tasselling teasellers teaselling teazelling tinsellier tinselling towellings trammelled trammeller travellers travelling trowellers trowelling tunnellers tunnelling unlabelled unlevelled unravelled unraveller weaselling apparelling becudgelled bejewelling belibelling bushellings cancellable chandelling channellers channelling chisellings corbellings counselling counsellors crenellated crenellates cudgellings cupellation disbowelled dishevelled embowelling empanelling enamellings enamellists ensorcelled flannelling gruellingly handselling hatchellers hatchelling housellings impanelling jewelleries libellously mislabelled quarrellers quarrelling relabelling remodellers remodelling sentinelled shrivelling snorkelling spancelling squirrelled tinselliest trammellers trammelling travellable travellings tunnellings uncancelled unkennelled unlevelling unravellers unravelling untravelled becudgelling cancellation counsellable counsellings crenellating crenellation disbowelling dishevelling entramelling entrammelled grovellingly marvellously mislabelling nonlibellous precancelled rebelliously remodellings sentinelling squirrelling unkennelling untrammelled cancellations crenellations disembowelled entrammelling precancelling counsellorship disembowelling marvellousness noncancellable rebelliousness semirebellious counsellorships noncancellation precancellation