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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Simple HTML DOM
Manipulate HTML elements using DOMDocument
Author: By
Last change: Update of CHANGELOG
Date: 11 months ago
Size: 8,005 bytes


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[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.7.x]
1: add "findMultiOrFalse()" + "findOneOrFalse()"
2: fix -> usage of e.g. "textContent"
3: fix -> usage of special js template tags in the dom
4: merge improvements from "ivopetkov/html5-dom-document-php -> length attribute
5: merge improvements from "ivopetkov/html5-dom-document-php -> classList support
6: add "nextNonWhitespaceSibling()"
7: fix -> usage of "outerhtml"
8: add support for "symfony/css-selector": ~5.0
9: fix -> "save()" -> will use html() insteadof of innerHtml() now
13: fix -> "val()" -> will now support hidden fields
14: fix -> keep html comments, also at the beginning of the html input
15: add "HtmlDomParser->overwriteTemplateLogicSyntaxInSpecialScriptTags()"
16: add support for "text/x-handlebars-template"
17: fix -> problem with auto-completion in e.g. PhpStorm
18: small optimizations + fix phpstan reported errors
19: add support for different special script-tags
20: fix -> invalid html (move html that is after "</html>" before "</html>")
21: fix -> internal invalid self-closing tags (e.g. <wbr>)
22: fix -> invalid html (remove content before "<!doctype.*>")
23: fix -> invalid html (remove content before "<!doctype.*>") + try to repair broken html
24: fix -> normalize the html after replacing the node
25: add support for PHP 8
26: fix -> fix "setAttribute()" -> for e.g. urls
27: fix -> "XmlDomParser" -> add option for "auto-remove-xpath-namespace"
28: fix -> allow CSS and xPath syntax for XmlDomParser

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.6.x]
1: add an XmlDomParser Class + simple tests
2: add support for text/x-custom-template type
3: fix -> check result of "html5FallbackForScriptTags()"

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.5.x]
1: fix -> return types
2: add abstract class and interface for "Dom Elements" (SimpleHtmlDom*)
3: and abstract class and interface for "Dom Nodes" (SimpleHtmlDomNode*)
4: fix -> errors reported by phpstan (level 7)
5: fix -> error with Google AMP (<html ?>) & Php DomDocument

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.4.x]
1: add "findMulti()" method for "SimpleDomParser"
2: fix -> phpdoc improvements via phpstan

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.3.x]
1: add "isRemoved()" method for "SimpleHtmlDom"
2: fix -> do not remove newlines from the output
3: fix -> keep HTML closing tags in <script> tags

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.2.x]
1: add "val()" method for form elements
2: add simple access to DOMElement via "SimpleHtmlDom"
3: fix -> for special script tags with type="text/html"

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.1.x]
1: "HtmlDomParser" -> fix clone method for "document"
2: add "findOne($selector)" === "find($selector, 0)"
3: update "symfony/css-selector" (optional)
4: use LIBXML options for every html-loading task
5: fix -> for vuejs (attributes beginning with "@")
6: fix -> plaintext output
7: fix -> document.write issue from DomDocument
8: fix -> remove (auto-added) head element

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v4.0.x]
1: drop support for PHP < 7.0
2: use "strict_types"
3: "Portable UTF-8" is now optional

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v3.1.x]
1: optimize performance (use the "UTF8"-Class only if needed)
2: fix html-handling of "meta"-tags [tags in the <head>-tag]

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v3.0.x]
1: use output from "SimpleHtmlDomNode" as array instead of string

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v2.0.x]
1: Complete Re-Write (based on
2: bug-fixing / performance improvements

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v1.7.x]
1: removed old parameter: maxLen / lowercase / stripRN / defaultBRText / defaultSpanText
2: add good default settings
3: removed charset-parsing (use UTF-8)

[PHP Simple HTML Dom v1.6.x]
1: fixed code-style
2: removed debugging
3: use Composer and PSR-0
4: added UTF-8 Support (need some testing)

[PHP Simple HTML Dom version 1.5 released.]
1: Memory leak fixed!
2: Added support for detecting the source html character set.  This is used to convert characters when plaintext is requested.
3: Other little fixes and features, too numerous to categorize.
4: add ability to search the "noise" array

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v1.11 is released]
1. Supports xpath generated from Firebug.
2. New method "dump" of "simple_html_dom_node".
3. New attribute "xmltext" of "simple_html_dom_node".
4. remove preg_quote on selector match function: [attribute*=value];
5. Element "Comment" will treat as children.
6. Fixed the problem with <pre>.
7. Fixed bug #2207477 (does not load some pages properly).
8. Fixed bug #2315853 (Error with character after < sign).

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v1.10 is released]
1. Negative indexes supports of "find" method, thanks for Vadim Voituk.
2. Constructor with automatically load contents either text or file/url, thanks for Antcs.
3. Fully supports wildcard in selectors.
4. Fixed bug of confusing by the < symbol inside the text.
5. Fixed bug of dash in selectors.
6. Fixed bug of <nobr>.
7. Fixed bug #2155883 (Nested List Parses Incorrectly).
8. Fixed bug #2155113 (error with unclosed html tags).

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v1.00 is released]
1. New method "getAllAttributes" of "simple_html_dom_node".
2. Fix the bug of selector in some critical conditions.
3. Fix the bug of striping php tags.
4. Fix the bug of remove_noise().
5. Fix the bug of noise in attributes.
6. Supports full javascript string in selector: $e->find("a[onclick=alert('hello')]").
7. Change selector "*=" to case-insentive.

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v0.99 is released]
1. Performance turning (boost 10%).
2. Memory requirement reduce 25%.
3. Change function name from "file_get_dom()" to "file_get_html()".
4. Change function name from "str_get_dom()" to "str_get_html()".
5. Fixed bug #2011286 (Error with unclosed html tags).
6. Fixed bug #2012551 (Error parsing divs).
7. Fixed bug #2020924 (Error for missed tag.).
8. Fixed bug (problem with <body> tag's innertext).

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v0.98 is released]
1. Performance turning (boost 20%).
2. Supports "multiple class" selector feature: <div class="a b c"></div>.
3. New "callback function" feature.
4. New "multiple selectors" feature: $dom->find('p,a,b');
5. New examples.
6. Supports extract contents from HTML features:  $dom->plaintext;
7. Fix the bug of $dom->clear().
8. Fix the bug of text nodes' innertext.
9. Fix the bug of comment nodes' innertext.
10. Fix the bug of decendent selector with optional tags.
11. Change simple_html_dom_node method name from "text()" to "makeup()".

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v0.97 is released]
1. Important!! file and class name changed (html_dom_parser->simple_html_dom)!
2. Important!! ($dom->save_file) will not support anymore.
3. New node type "comment" (eg. $dom->find('comment')).
4. Add self-closing tags: 'base', 'spacer'.
5. Fix the bug of outertext (th).
6. Fix the bug of regular expression escaping chars ($dom->find).
7. Fix the bug while line-breaker and "\t" in tags.
8. Remove example "example_customize_parser.php".
9. New example "simple_html_dom_utility.php".

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v0.96 is released]
1. (Request #1936000) New DOM operations(first_child, last_child, next_sibling, previous_sibling).
2. New method to remove attribute.
3. Add the solution while server behind proxy in FAQ (Thanks to Yousuke Shaggy).
4. Add traverse section in manual.
5. Now file_get_dom supports full file_get_contents parameters.
6. Fix the bug of self-closing tags in the end of file.
7. Fix the bug of blanks in the end of tag.
8. Add Reference section in manual.
#. Fix some typo of testcase.

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v0.95 is released]
1. New attribute filters (Thanks to Yousuke Kumakura).
2. Fix the bug of optional-closing tags.
3. Fix the bug of parsing the line break next to the tag's name.
4. Supports tag name with namespace.
#. Refine structure of testcase.

[PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser v0.94 is released]
1. Stop infinity loop while tthe source content is BAD HTML.
2. Fix the bug of adding new attributes to self closing tags.
3. Fix the bug of customize parser without $dom->remove_noise();
4. Add FAQ section in manual.
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