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Subject:The way to go
Summary:The construction analogy naturally fits indeed...
Author:Makhtar Diouf
Date:2015-07-02 15:49:28

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Picture of Makhtar Diouf Makhtar Diouf - 2015-07-02 15:49:28
The construction analogy naturally fits indeed.
Too bad for none-tech users, they gonna have to hire someone to redeploy their legacy app on another server, or upgrade the code. This is where linux-containers become handy, to install different version of toolsets on the same machine...

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Picture of Dave Smith Dave Smith - 2015-07-02 18:26:03 - In reply to message 1 from Makhtar Diouf
I remember when PHP 5 was released, the good shared hosting plans gave you the option to choose your version. I am not sure if windows has the same ability as linux now, there are certainly more hosted plans running windows now than there where then.

Of course, there is the third option to use the MySQL to MySQLi package as a quick temporary fix. It only takes a couple of minutes to plug it in and everything should start working again. I do put emphasis on it being temporary though, eventually the legacy code should be updated or replaced.