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Summary:Fatal error: Call to undefined function: session_name()
Date:2005-02-23 19:28:32


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Picture of Wouter Wouter - 2005-02-23 19:28:32
Setup of Sessions on Apache2 gives me problems.

Can anyone give me a hint on which modules you should or should not install. I installed the Apache2 -> Suse9.1 -> with all Suse php4 modules (yast2), and php4 with all modules including sessions (from Suse9.1). I even went for a full online update (date 23-2-2005).

We use Mambo as intranetsite, and are creating php pluging connected to siemens pabx. (This is working fine now, except for mambo 4.5.xx on the new box.)

Standard mambo 4.5.x install gives a message that sessions are not writable. After install it is impossible to enter the back office apps. Because Session_xx() not available undefined.

Everything worked fine before on a other machine, but I would like to get the Susebox working.