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Summary:Can't Get this to work :(
Author:Tommy m M
Date:2005-01-08 20:00:44
Update:2005-01-11 04:39:40

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Picture of Tommy m M Tommy m M - 2005-01-08 20:00:44
Do you need any special plugins or anything to make this work? Or do I have to edit something? I used the example and I got an error that said
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function gd_info() in C:\Apache2\htdocs\watermark\class.rwatermark.php on line 338".
Line 338 is " $gdinfo = gd_info(); ".

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Picture of Nicolas Connault Nicolas Connault - 2005-01-10 14:58:29 - In reply to message 1 from Tommy m M
Quoting from the PHP mamual: (See "Image Functions")

If you have the GD library (available at you will also be able to create and manipulate images.

Normally, the GD library comes bundled with PHP. However, it might not be enabled in your php.ini file. Find that file (usually in the apache folder), and find the lines that start with "extension=". There should be quite a few of these, some of which will be commented (they start with a semi-colon ';').

There should be a line that looks like this:


Simply remove the semi-colon from the beginning of that line, save the php.ini file, stop your apache server and restart it. Then try your script again. The error you mentioned should only appear if the GD library failed to load.


Nicolas Connault

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Picture of Tommy m M Tommy m M - 2005-01-11 04:39:40 - In reply to message 2 from Nicolas Connault
Thank you much, works like a charm now.