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Unable to upload

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Subject:Unable to upload
Summary:Works only 20% of the time
Author:Kaye KAye
Date:2008-04-16 12:29:25

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Picture of Kaye KAye Kaye KAye - 2008-04-16 12:29:27
addresser: 6rmYmIu8yViNP6N6peNrM8lhqxJy3RsnzOg1tP9JvfYd9Jo_5RrI7xcbEp_LQQuWe4cTydjnrxILoLBhqJqEpw==
file: /video/mp4/16Apr08_samyvellu01.mp4
Error: Malformed response

I turned on debug and this is what I get...

Any ideas?

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