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gStats is not working

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Subject:gStats is not working
Summary:gStats (IMG solution) is not working
Author:Ruud de Ruiter
Date:2007-09-20 01:00:46
Update:2007-09-20 01:59:43

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Picture of Ruud de Ruiter Ruud de Ruiter - 2007-09-20 01:00:46
I've installed gStats and get as far as this function:

function gStats_callPage(url,sleep) {
var elem= document.createElement('IMG');
if (sleep) gStats_sleep(900);

This should create an "image" but it's source is the gStats-store function.
... nothing is stored ...

The MySQL settings (there) are fine, but the software never gets so far.
If I insert an "exit;" just before the MySQL statements, it is NOT executed.

This all is like this for IE-6 and FireFox.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

Thanks already!
Ruud de Ruiter

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Picture of Cesar D. Rodas Cesar D. Rodas - 2007-09-20 01:59:43 - In reply to message 1 from Ruud de Ruiter

Thank you for posting about this, but this is working, I know this is basic but I need to ask you... did you set up the mysql variables here and did you test if this works?

Thank you.

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