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Subject:Selected Row Variables
Summary:Need Help Identifying Varibales
Author:JP Hay
Date:2011-10-22 05:53:09
Update:2011-12-04 18:21:54


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Picture of JP Hay JP Hay - 2011-10-22 05:53:11
Has anyone ever tried to do anything with this grid other than just display data?

After turning on the Select Row option, I can not find how to use any of the data from the row selected. Oh sure, you can use the %ID% in a javascript generated Alert box. But that seems to be the limit.

I can not pass any of the field values from the selected row to a javascript function... nor can I identify which PHP variable(s) hold the values of the selected row.

If anyone knows which variables hold those values or how to extract those values, I would be very grateful.

* I have the grid set to pop a PHP email form in a floating DIV element when a row is selected... with the goal that the data from the selected row can then be embedded into the message text of the email. No problems with the mechanics of selecting a grid row, popping the hidden DIV element or sending the mail. Just can not identify the variables that contain the grid data or any method to extract them.

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Picture of nugraha_isnan nugraha_isnan - 2011-12-04 18:21:54 - In reply to message 1 from JP Hay
this is my project
i have db with field name Nmjur, AsalJur,IDJUR

on my js... i have function named hitammerah

take a look at my function
function hitammerah(a,b,c){

this is my row select method call function hitammerah with parameter

use '%' before and after fieldname of your table field name...

this is my html example

<input type="text" id="qwer"/>
<input type="text" id="asdf"/>
<input type="text" id="zxcv"/>

.... when you call hitammerah function. your selected row will pass into textboxt... thats how it work. there are so many way to do that.. this is just one of the easiest way to do

i hope it will help you.. sorry for my bad english. i hope u understand