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Subject:Professional Version
Summary:Where is the professional version?
Author:lance white
Date:2011-06-22 22:45:31
Update:2011-06-29 22:35:16

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Picture of lance white lance white - 2011-06-22 22:45:32

Thanks for this interesting server. I must say I have been feeling there must be a way to improve the performance of PHP in this sort of way. Where is the professional version? Can you please provide a link.



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Picture of Artur Graniszewski Artur Graniszewski - 2011-06-29 22:35:16 - In reply to message 1 from lance white

firts of all, sorry for my late reply, I was on vacation.

The professional version is not yet open sourced. Fortunately Iíll post more advanced versions of phpMultiServer in near future.