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Name: Joseph Rubenstein <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: China China
Age: 53
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Output page with dynamically expansible thumbnails
The purpose of this package is to combine some CSS tricks and PHP code into a class that accomplishes the task of adding images into text blocks where the text flows around the image.

This can easily be accomplished with CSS and PHP, but this class can not only embed the thumbnail but to make it expandable, to reflow the text and to do this without having to reload the page

It can accomodate more than one image in the same page by the means of dynamically generating div tags with unique id attributes.

The class can generate HTML code with mouseover event attributes to make the larger image appear inline as an object on the page.

This generated HTML relies heavily on CSS and a little on a Javascript trick to show and hide div tags by id.

You can specify file path, file name and type, and also request a float left or right, AND set the size of each thumbnail.
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